Time Warner Cable Transition

Dear Internet Customer,

Beginning 9/9 – through 10/30/15, your Internet service will transition to Time Warner Cable. Please see the schedule below for your home town.

Once your new equipment is installed please complete this quick registration process to continue using your Internet service:

  1. Launch your computers Web Browser and follow the on‐screen instructions, or with your computer go to registration.rr.com
  2. Accept the Time Warner Cable subscriber agreement and privacy policy.
  3. Set up your new Time Warner Cable email address.

If you use a Polaris.com email address, please note that this address will be disabled on 30 days after transition to Time Warner Cable as part of the transition from Polaris to Time Warner Cable. If you would like to transition your email account to your new Time Warner Cable address, simply follow the migration process offered during registration to move your Polaris email messages and address book to your TWC Mail service. You will need your Polaris email and password to perform this step.

We want your Internet and Email transition to be as seamless as possible. For more information and to answer any of your questions visit www.polariscable.com answer any of your questions visit www.polariscable.com, Call Polaris Office 207-532-2579 ; or call Time Warner at 800-833-2253.

Once again, we’re glad to welcome you to Time Warner Cable.

SCHEDULE Internet Transition to Time Warner Cable by Community

COMMUNITY | TRANSITION DATE (Dates subject to change, updated 9/10/15)

  • Passadumkeag 9/09/2015 – 9/14/2015
  • Enfield 9/14/2015 – 9/18/2015
  • Howland 9/18/2015 – 9/22/2015
  • Medway 9/22/2015 – 9/25/2015
  • Danforth 9/25/2015 – 9/28/2015
  • Patten 9/28/2015 – 9/29/2015
  • Bridgewater 9/29/2015 – 9/30/2015
  • Monticello 9/30/2015 – 10/2/2015
  • Littleton 10/2/2015 – 10/7/2015
  • Hodgdon 10/7/2015 – 10/8/2015
  • Houlton 10/8/2015 – 10/27/2015
  • Smyrna 10/27/2015 – 10/27/2015
  • Merrill 10/27/2015 – 10/28/2015
  • Oakfield 10/28/2015 – 10/29/2015
  • Island Falls 10/29/2015 – 10/30/2015
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